Our coming water shortages. Buying water stocks won’t help


Zero Hedge gets it right about the severity of coming worldwide water shortages even if they then recommend what water stocks to buy. Um. A water stock that goes up 1000% in five years really isn’t going to help much if water where you live is scarce or even if you live where it’s plentiful and water and climate change refugees are pouring into your town and some of them are armed. Just saying.

By 2030, we will have a 40% shortfall between the water that is available and what is being demanded.

There are many countries in the world that have a higher rate of extraction of water than its replenishment, and that means that water is being used up at unbelievable rates today.

As the population around the world grows our water consumption grows too. But, it does not grow at the same proportional rate as the size of the population. The global population grew between 1990 and 2000, for instance by a factor of four. Water consumption grew by a factor of nine over that same period.