Michael Hastings and his extraordinary exploding car


Cars don’t normally explode. Yet the car driven by Michael Hastings did, then burst into flames quickly. In the video, one witness said it sounded like an explosion and her house shook. Another witness said the engine landed 50-60 yards from the car. All this from a normal car crash, we are expected to believe.


Really? That’s quite an extraordinary car wreck, wouldn’t you say? Of course, only paranoid conspiracists would link his untimely death to him contacting a lawyer hours earlier about the FBI investigating him, right? I have survived very high speed car wrecks. The engine didn’t go flying out and the car didn’t burst into flames. Yes, all wrecks are different but this one seems so spectacular that it has made more than a few, including me, suspicious.

Oh, Hastings last article was Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans, which is certainly amusing.

Video and photos from the scene posted on the website of L.A. television station KTLA showed a mangled car crumpled against a tree and engulfed in flames. The KTLA report quoted LAPD Officer Lillian Carranza as saying the car appeared to be speeding when the crash occurred.

How did she know it was speeding? Was she there? Inquiring minds want to know.

Yahoo video


  1. Cars DO explode, perhaps not often, but they can and do.

  2. There is a survalience video that just came out….. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=28c_1375058568 looks like the brakes were on the whole time… And there ( looks ) like some sort of explosion before the actual crash…. :/

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