Obesity is a class issue, the poor tend to be more overweight


Poor people too often can’t afford nutritious food and tend to buy high carbohydrate, high fat food, which inexorably leads to weight gain. This is worsened by them working multiple jobs and eating at fast food chains because they don’t have time to go home and eat a good meal.Thus, obesity is a class issue.

Americans consume 25% more calories today than in the 70s, so it’s easy to dismiss obesity as a disease of luxury, but this isn’t true. Academic Earth explains obesity as a class issue enabled by American food policies.

According to Dr. James Hill, director of the Center of Human Nutrition at Colorado Health Sciences University, “Genes don’t make us obese. They allow us to be obese.” If our genes aren’t to blame for this rise in obesity, what is? Recent research suggests that socioeconomic class can impact our bodies as much as genetics, and may be a more accurate predictor for a variety of future health issues, including obesity. Check out this video to learn more about how American policies, like food subsidies, have had a direct role in driving our current obesity crisis.

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  1. That’s why we accept food stamps for our awesome cheese!

  2. There’s a reason one of the popular needlepoint patterns is:
    “You Never Can Be Too Thin or Too Rich”

  3. Mac and cheese is kind of the poster child for cheap, garbage food. Lots of carbs and fats and probably way too much salt too!

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