Colorado fire disaster. Rainwater harvesting might have helped


John Robb explains why. In particular, rainwater harvesting and growing the right plants and trees would raise humidity and lower temperatures, which certainly would help prevents these catastrophes.

This is simply a disaster due an inability to think resiliently, at every level.

  • Pernicious government regulations that outlaw basic rainwater harvesting and promote unsafe home and landscape design.
  • Corporations that spend billions marketing dysfunctional, but profitable, homes that turn us into dependent victims.
  • Individual homeowners, who were unwilling to take responsibility to make their property resilient to disaster (and thereby threatening the lives and property of everyone else in the community).

Colorado’s rainwater harvesting regulations are brain dead. Rain water that falls on your roof doesn’t belong to you and thus can’t be stored.

Although it is permissible to direct your residential property roof downspouts toward landscaped areas, unless you own a specific type of exempt well permit, you cannot collect rainwater in any other manner, such as storage in a cistern or tank, for later use.