Youth unemployment soars in Europe, brought to you by the banksters

Credit: Zero Hedge

Credit: Zero Hedge

Some European countries have youth unemployment of 40-60% with no end to the rise in sight. Inquiring minds will note that the rise in unemployment started shortly after Lehman collapsed, which was the start of the bankster-created worldwide financial implosion.

Countries are being impoverished, businesses destroyed, all to feed the gaping maw of bankster greed. If these countries had control of their own destinies / weren’t run by the compromised and complicit, they’d have gone the Iceland route long ago, seized the banks, defaulted on loans, and jailed the banksters.

This may of course still happen. Huge masses of pissed off unemployed youth is a recipe for social explosion, riots, and chaos. To paraphrase the old leftie saying, “A bankster will impose austerity on Monday for a revolution on Tuesday in which he gets hung from a lamp post on Wednesday.”

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