Girls Guns and Glory does ‘Dirty Water’ to help Boston Bombing victims


One of my favorite bands, Girls Guns and Glory, is from Boston. One Fund was formed in the aftermath of the Boston Bombing to aid victims. It has raised over $37 million so far. Girls Guns and Glory just recorded the Standells ‘Dirty Water’ and made it available for download for as little as $1. All proceeds go to One Fund. The song kicks ass. Download it now.

From the band

As many of you know the marathon bombing in GGG’s hometown of Boston on April 15th left many people injured and effected by this traumatic event. A fundraising campaign called The One Fund was created to assist the families of the victims who were killed and the victims who were most seriously affected as a result of the tragic events during the Boston Marathon bombing.

In the aftermath of all this we were left wondering what we could do to be a part of the effort and how we could do something to help the victims of the bombing & do something positive for our hometown. Then driving around Boston with The Standells classic “Dirty Water” on my car speakers & singing along at the top of my lungs it occurred to me. We should re-record the song, do it our way, in our city and with a chorus of as many Boston musicians as we can get on board.

The result is ONEsession and the song is our version of “Dirty Water”, an ode to Boston with 100% of the funds raised from the song going to The One Fund.

Download ‘Dirty Water‘ at ONEsession.