How to suppress revolution. Buy people off with entitlements


Charles Hugh Smith often has perceptive and unusual takes on issues. He says the bankster class has implicit support from those getting government entitlements, and that this hurts the rest of society. Entitlement spending is running huge deficits while the middle and working classes get poorer. A staggering 50 million workers make less than $15,000 a year. 48 million are on food stamps. 11 million are on permanent disability. Social Security pays benefits to 61 million. Clearly, this is not sustainable.

I have often commented on the current class structure, which paradoxically unites the interests of the top 1/5% of 1% and their political-class toadies and the bottom 50% who are drawing transfer payments/benefits from the state: both support the status quo because both receive direct benefits from it.

The trick to suppressing revolution is to keep debt-tax serfdom bearable. The parasitic Elites are keeping the host going, but at a high cost in resiliency. Let’s see how long the host lasts once a crisis hits.