EU-China solar photovoltaic trade war

Renewable Energy World explores the growing solar photovoltaic trade war between the EU and China, which is also happening here. The EU and US accuse China of dumping solar panels and are imposing punitive tariffs.

China, of course, responds by imposing its own punitive tariffs. All of this may help solar PV manufacturers in the EU and US be more competitive but it will also severely damage installation and sales of new systems, as prices will be much higher.

No one wins when trade wars start.

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  1. I have 6 BP solar panels on my roof. They are six years old, and dead as a doornail. As I write this, my installer is taking then down. He says he’s had to de-install several other BP installations this year. Sure, they have a 25-year warranty, but meanwhile my system is producing nothing. Thankfully, I’m not completely off-grid, or I’d be in trouble. No wonder US & EU manufacturers need protection!

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