Water and population – two sobering maps

Via Zenpundit who has links to the originals. The amount of drinkable water on the planet seems vanishingly small as the population keep rising. Water and population are inextricably linked, and not just for drinking . Water is also heavily used in manufacturing and generating electricity. Many areas in that population bubble are already severely water-stressed and getting worse, like in Bangladesh, where climate climate, natural calamities, and population growth in areas like Dhaka are causing groundwater to disappear. people in outlying areas may have to walk hours to get water.

Even more mindblowing: [the population] circle is mostly water.

Water spheres showing:
(1) All water (sphere over western U.S., 860 miles in diameter)
(2) Fresh liquid water in the ground, lakes, swamps, and rivers (sphere over Kentucky, 169.5 miles in diameter), and
(3) Fresh-water lakes and rivers (sphere over Georgia, 34.9 miles in diameter).