Metallurgist: More bolts could snap on new San Francisco Bay Bridge

Screenshot showing bolt locations. Credit:

32 of 96 bolts on the new, as yet-unopened span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge snapped in March. A retired metallurgist and “expert in his field” says more could break and puts the blame on Caltrans.

“It is very apparent that no one was paying attention to the possibility of hydrogen embrittlement when the rods were in service,” said Chung. “Instead, they were focused on hydrogen in the production process. From what I see in the documents, Dyson (the manufacturer) gave Caltrans what it asked for. Caltrans fell on its face.”

The bolts are 17-24 feet long and 3 inches thick and connect the bridge span to earthquake safety devices. As the video and screenshot show, the bolts popped up several inches. The new bridge is supposed to open Labor Day, with huge celebrations planned with hotels in the area are completely booked. No one knows now if the bridge will open on time.