Bloomberg: ‘Interpretation of Constitution’ must change after Boston bombing



Golly, a officious, interfering billionaire who thinks he has the right to micromanage New York City now says that tired old Constitution needs to be reinterpreted due to the Boston bombing.  While feigning concern over legitimate privacy concerns, he then says they’ll need to be trampled along with Constitutional rights because, dang, it”s a different world and the Overlords know what its best for you. If this doesn’t scare you, it should.

Inquiring mind will note that Bloomberg will never suffer from any interference by police, long delays at airports, or ever have to pay much attention should Shelter in Place or martial law be invoked. No cop in the world would think of inconveniencing him. But he’s sure ready to impose new, harsher laws on the rest of us because he, Mr. Nanny State, knows what’s best for all us little people.

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