Craft International at Boston marathon. Black helicopter alert


Craft International is a private military corporation / security company who got noticed last week because people wearing their logo, presumably their employees or contractors, were seen at the Boston Marathon site before the bombing. Plus, some of them had large backpacks, which of course proves they were up to something sinister.

The Black Helicopter gang finds their presence at the marathon to be proof of an unspecified Monstrous Conspiracy which probably ends up with the Kenyan Socialist taking our guns after a false flag operation by the FBI. Hey, I like I good conspiracy as well as anyone but my guess is Craft International was hired by someone to do security. Look, these guys are pros. If they were up to something monstrous they wouldn’t be walking around in uniform where everyone could see them, right? (Or does that just prove how deviously treacherous they are?)

I’m just twisted enough that I found their logo darkly amusing.

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  1. Ironic title!….I saw an unmarked black heli on the live feed from CNN!! lol

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