8th grader arrested for wearing NRA t-shirt to school



Our public schools have degenerated into no-freedom zones where petty tyrants enforce arbitrary rules, like no NRA t-shirts, that would be unacceptable elsewhere. How anyone can get an education in a lock-down culture like this is beyond me. The real purpose of public schools now is to get students to pass dumbed-down standardized tests so the school continues to get funded and to prepare them to be “loyal, plastic robots for a world that doesn’t care,” assuming their potential jobs haven’t been outsourced overseas, that is.

8th grader gun t-shirt arrest: An 8th grader was arrested after he argued with his teacher about a National Rifle Association t-shirt he had on. The t-shirt prominently displayed a hunting rifle.

Whether you support the NRA is beside the point. This is clearly a massive freedom of speech violation. Schools should not have to power to ban freedom of expression.

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