Nanny state public schools are turning our kids into snitches


This is outrageous. Nanny state schools ask students incredibly intrusive questions about their parent’s behavior then get huffy when an adult challenges them.

The questions included:

Do you go to church? Do you go to Sunday school? Do you go to bible study?

Does your parents own any guns? Have you ever held them? Have you ever shot them? Have you ever played with them?

Do your parents fight? What do they fight about? How often do they fight?

I lived in Utah for two years recently. Just about every kid in grammar school there would answer Yes to all the gun questions.

It gets worse.

I got argumentative asking more questions, and was told by still another school board member, “it is the responsibility of the school to stop religious bigotry” he went on, “Any parent who forces a kid to go to church, Sunday School, and Bible Study in the same week is teaching intolerance of all beliefs.”

Excuse me? Because you adhere strongly to one religion this automatically makes you intolerant? And why is this any business of schools in the first place?


  1. I don’t see these questions as “nanny state”, I see it more as authoritarian, these are questions more in line with fascism, a regime that wants total control, it wants to monitor every aspect of your life, not to look after you, not to “nanny” you, but to control you and know what you are up to at all times. A nanny is somebody who is paid to look after your welfare, to take care of you when you can’t do it yourself.

    ann arky

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