Martin McGuiness on Thatcher’s death

As Alan Watts once said, hatred is a form of bondage to the object

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  1. Our babbling brook of
    bullshit, the media, is in full spate at the moment, gurgling through
    its foetid channels is the stench of Thatcher. The praises ring loud
    and clear, they do however allow a little criticism to show its face,
    just to try to give the impression of balanced journalism. Balanced
    it is not. What has become known as the “Thatcherite” era, was an
    era of war, but it is never detailed like war, the deaths and
    injuries were not noted. In the case of the Belgrano, a ship
    needlessly torpedoed by a UK submarine, killing 323, many of them
    young sea cadets, it was detailed. A coal mine was shut, hit by an
    ideological missile, a town/village dies, the deaths and injuries are
    not detailed. In the case of the Belgrano, the deaths were more or
    less instantaneous, in the case of the destroyed coal mine, steel
    works, shipyard, the deaths and injures took place much more slowly,
    in some cases over years. But deaths and injures there were, those
    who fired that ideological missile have blood on their hands. ———-
    ann arky

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