Facebook Home is a Google killer

Zuckerberg Facebook Home

Facebook has re-designed how we will use smartphones. Until now, everything has been app-centric. Facebook Home changes that. People, not apps, are the focus. Home shows your notifications, friend’s status updates, tweets, etc. as they happen. Responding is simple. If you are in an app, a little icon called a Chathead pops up if they’ve notified you. You can respond in the app or dismiss the Chathead. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and makes other interfaces look old and kludgy.

Facebook wants to make it so that you use the service without even thinking about it, becoming second nature when you pick up the phone. Google has done that with search, and by putting the service in front of you Facebook could do the same. Just by swiping your finger or even looking at the lock screen, you can see what your friends or loved ones are doing. It’s very Facebook-centric, and Facebook is trying to increase its mind share on an Android device. Making Facebook an even more engaged product at the expense of Google’s Android is brilliant.

From my notes on Zuckerberg’s presentation yesterday.

It’s clear that Facebook wants to make Facebook Home be the default way you use your smartphone. They may well succeed. Facebook’s goal is to put people first, not apps, to make us more connected. Further, with billions in the next few years going online soon via smartphones, most of them will never have seen a traditional computer. That makes Facebook Home and their new UI even more important.