R’uh r’oh. California has ginormous Monterey shale oil deposits


The Monterey shale oil formation could hold two-thirds of all US shale oil deposits, says a USC study.

Monterey, it’s been fun knowing you as you exist today. While lip service will be paid to being extra special careful to the environment, the reality is greed-crazed drillers will soon be charging in like feral pigs in heat, fracking the hell out of everything that moves.

North Dakota is experiencing a humongous oil shale boom. Bring your own RV to sleep in unless you want to pay $2,000 a month for a dump of an apartment. Whee. Monterey has 4 times the deposits of North Dakota. Yes, zillions of jobs will be created, and that’s definitely a good thing. But I’m guessing the aftermath will be an environmental disaster that no one could have predicted.


  1. Stuff the jobs, they’ll probably be low paid anyway, and who wants jobs if it means your grandkids are screwed?
    ann arky http://www.radicalglasgowblog,blogspot.com

    • Oil field jobs in California would probably be union and thus pay well. Santa Barbara has huge offshore oil but refuses to let it be drilled. Fracking in Monterey would be a fight.

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