Big lines at Taxpayer Assistance Center – April 15 is coming

San Jose IRS TAC line

Check out the line at the San Jose  IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center at 8 AM last week. There are at least 100 people waiting for the doors to open at 8:30 because they have questions about taxes, need a form, have to clear up a paperwork glitch, that kind of thing.  They are not waiting to have their taxes done but to get specialized information or data that only the IRS can provide.

In a week or so there will probably be 200 people in line when it opens.  I’ve been in that office when there was no line and it was a two hour wait before I could speak to someone. The people at the end of this line have at least a four hour wait. Budget cutbacks and hiring freezes mandated by Congress make the lines longer each year.