Google Drone launches- compelling new companion for Google Glass

Hi, I'm Google Drone and I'm here to help
Hi, I’m Google Drone and I’m here to help

Google Glass users will now be able to control their own personal Google Drone and order it to do their bidding via voice commands. This opens up powerful new possibilities in what Google calls Enhanced Personal Data, which will be stored in the cloud and allow full tracking of anyone by geo-location and photo recognition software – all through the magic of Google Drone!

While some might use this in improper ways to, say, scan the face of that hottie in Starbucks, ID her, then have the drone follow her home and peek in her windows, others rightfully applaud Google for their bold initiative, which allows anyone to track anyone anytime, thus freeing up the government from the chore.

RJ Anderson of the Federal Surveillance Agency says “Only those with something to hide, like terrorists, will decry this new ability of citizens to protect themselves by watching others,” adding that FSA will of course require that Google Drones have the ability to directly send data to the government, should it be requested. “This protects citizens even further by cutting through tedious red tape previously required in getting wiretaps.”

There are are some disturbing developments. Underground hacker droneDawg conveyed to me in encrypted email that his collective is on the verge of being able to do a ROM upgrade of a Google Drone while it is in the air and then seize control of it. RJ Anderson said FSA was working on anti-drone drones equipped with lasers to shoot down other drones, admitting “collateral damage is a possibility” if a blown up drone falls onto a crowded city sidewalk, but that “this is price we pay for freedom. We wish to salute the citizenry who will now be able to spy on each other in real time far better than the US government could have ever hoped to do, and will be doing it at no cost to the government. Truly, this a giant leap in freedom for us as a country.”