“Monsanto Protection Act” is made-up term. There is no such thing

This basically says that if crops are found to be out of regulation for any reason whatsoever, the farmer can petition for their crops not to be immediately and summarily destroyed. Such a judgment of being out of regulation could happen for many different reasons, including bureaucratic failure, and this provision would allow the farmer to possibly not lose their crops to a tangle in the red tape. This could more accurately be framed as the “Farmer Protection from Regulatory Bungle Act.”

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  1. Interesting that even the debunker acknowledges that this is about protecting GMO crops – of which Monsanto is reported to control about 90% of the seed market, and of which mega-farmers are the primary users. This is as much about protecting Monsanto’s market as anything else – what better way to get mega-farmers to adopt controversial seed than to ensure that it cannot be uncertified, even if public opinion finally sways the government into taking protective measures against GMOs.

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