Gangsters raise price for Cyprus protection racket


Troika hikes Cyprus bailout demands, says “conditions worsened

As always, the comments on Zero Hedge are a hoot to read:

The haircut is turning into a beheading

One more week and they’ll draw and quarter Cyprus with the Monetary Curtain.

Europe has their best interest at heart; Russia only wants them for laundry.

On reports that Cyprus banks are up past their eyeballs in Russian organized crime money.

Yah we can’t have any criminal element involved in banking. It might harm confidence.

All this time I thought that was the only qualication for a banking career.

Unhumans accusing other unhumans of criminality. Gotta love a good farce.

After watching Eastern Promises, I never thought that I’d root for any Russian Mafioso to win. Now, they definitely look more honorable than bankers.

Added bonus: A Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip where they change the rules for Calvinball on whims then argue constantly about it. “The only permanent rule in Calvinball is that you can’t play it the same way twice.”