After prison, Steubenville rapists will be hired by investment banks

Top rated candidate in recent investment bank job search
Top rated candidate in recent investment bank job search

When the Steubenville Two get out of prison, investment banks will line up to offer them jobs. After all, the rapists believed they were above the law, expected special treatment, are unquestionably sociopaths, and the only apologies they apparently ever make are what my wife calls “male apologies,” as is “I’m sorry you’re so upset.” Since investment banks deliberately hire psychopaths because “their characteristics exactly suited them to senior corporate finance roles,” then the Steubenville Two are absolutely who the investment banks are looking for. I’m sure they have bright futures waiting for them at financial institutions where clients are muppets to be looted, assuming they survive a prison environment where they will be the hunted and despised and no one worships them because they played high school football.

When news of the Delhi rapes first broke, a woman from India who works in my wife’s office was asked, are the stories about rape there true?. She said, yes. When she was a teenager, her father was offered a big promotion if he moved to Delhi. He turned it down saying, I have three teenage daughters. It would not be safe for them there. And this was 20-25 years ago.

A society that elevates an increasingly brutal sport above just about everything else is a genuinely sick and troubled society. Steve Hynd explores this in Steubenville And The Toxic Masculinity Of Jock Culture.

This is no better than India’s culture of rape. It’s just that gang-rapists in the West are more devious in their methods, and those who enable them more glib and better able to cover their own tracks. Rape victims are made victims again as they are hounded to destruction.

Of course it’s all about the money, and even pro football players are now suffering such grievous injuries that they end up killing themselves. So, a sick system is beginning to eat itself while a few on the top profit from it all. They, even more than the rapists, are the deranged ones.