DreamBox – 3D printing from a vending machine


Print or upload a design to DreamBox from anywhere, they do the 3D printing, you pick it up within 24 hours at a local DreamBox machine.

From their press kit:

Dreambox’s mission is to unleash creativity and innovation by placing hyper-local automated manufacturing facilities throughout the United States.

A Dreambox is a 3D printing vending machine. It is the simplest way to have your custom models created. Take away the dozens of hours to setup a 3D printer, take away the weeks of waiting to receive an item from a 3D printing service, take away the need for a full-time operator and you’re left only with 3D printing’s unique manufacturing capabilities. With a Dreambox users can freely experiment with and harness 3D printing’s advantages.

The vending machine takjes the orders. The completed 3D printed part is delivered to the machine within 24 hours into a private locker which you unlock using a code sent to you by text.