Drug cartels expand territory and violence

interstate 35 drug highway

Mexico drug cartels are expanding the reach and distribution networks in the US as their level of violence is beyond comprehension.

Interstate 35: The Narco-Corridor

Interstate 35, once it starts into the United States from Mexico, covers 1,568.38 miles of prime real estate across the country. The major interstate begins its portion in the U.S. at Laredo, Texas and ends at Duluth, Minnesota, about 150 miles from Canada. What happens on this highway inside Mexico and in the first thousand miles inside the U.S. is what makes this highway monumental to the drug trade.

Beyond Madness: Violence in Mexico

He also mentions that he got his “dose of madness” in the conflicts in Sierra Leone and Liberia, where he dealt with totally drugged child soldiers. More recently, he says, in Libya he saw bodies that were piled up after a massacre.

Despite this, he assures us that nothing compares with the extreme narco-violence in Mexico.

It is really beyond madness as the torture and decapitation videos posted to YouTube and elsewhere show. (YouTube immediately takes them down but by them they’ve been downloaded.)