EU president tells Italians not to vote for Berlusconi

Zero Hedge, as always, is full snark ahead, this time on the upcoming Italian election where Berlusconi could win.

Something tells us a German telling Italians to vote for a pro-Goldman Sachs endorsed regime in this case embodied in a vote again one person, may have just sealed the outcome of this weekend’s Italian election. And not in a way that will make Goldman Sachs, or ze Germans, happy.

Europe [is] where any trace of a majority popular opinion must be promptly crushed as in any true totalitarian despotism.

A friend familiar with Italian politics once said, Berlusconi is not allied with mafia, Berlusconi IS Mafia. Another friend, who is Italian-American and travels to Italy frequently says in the US organized crime in government is a big secret but in Italy everyone just assumes it. If so, then it appears Italians will choose between actual Mafioso and investment bank mafioso. What an inspiring choice. Three cheers for (faux) democracy.

I’m sure glad here in the good ole US of A that we don’t have to choose between comprised politicians beholden to shady big money. Oh, wait…