EV battery swapping company Better Place in trouble


Better Place planned to build battery swapping stations throughout the US. However, due to financial and internal problems, they will “wind down” US operations and pretend that their tiny installed base in Israel and Denmark will somehow get them through.

The map, which shows their proposed (and now never-to-be) battery swapping stations in California highlights the problem. There simply wouldn’t be enough of them, plus they cost $3 million per bay to build. For example, we live in San Jose where there would have been only be one battery swapping station nearby, and it looks like it would be 5-10 miles away from where we live. That’s just not convenient.

The problem with electric cars has been there since they were first tried in the US from the 1890-1920. Batteries are expensive and driving range is short. This is made worse by long driving distances in places like¬†California and elsewhere in the American West. 100-150 mile range and few re-charging or battery swap stations just isn’t enough.