What’s wrong with Congress? 2-day work weeks, among other things

California legislators prepare for another frantic day of trying to act on the budget

Email from a reader about our dysfunctional do-nothing Congress. The inability on Congress to accomplish anything is, among other reasons, caused by partisan politics and staying in session a mere couple of days a week.

Maybe you know how to find this; I thought it was amazing. I listened to it again that night on my iPad app but now I can’t find it. It might be a good link if you can find a podcast or the transcript.

Monday (I think) NPR interviewed a newly elected congressperson from some northern mid west state, who had been in Congress in the 80’s and was just elected to go there again. He described the difference between then and now pretty much like this , Back then we were in session 48 of the 52 weeks, now we are in session 32 weeks. And a week then was 4 or 5 days, we met in committees, we got to know each other. Now a week starts at 6 pm on Monday for voting and carries into Tuesday and maybe into Wednesday morning.

I think this explains so much of why Congress is pathetic now. I assume it has to do with fund raising and probably with the general attitude of many members that they already know everything so they don’t need to discuss or debate or have meetings.

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