Who knew that incendiary tear gas does not cause fires

Certainly not the San Bernardino Sheriff or the compliant poodles of the mainstream media, none of whom have questioned the ludicrous and laughable contention of law enforcement that firing incendiary tear gas into the cabin Dorner was in no way a factor in it burning down.

How law enforcement and media covered up the plan to burn Christopher Dorner alive

“Burn that fucking house down!” shouted a deputy through a scanner transmission inadvertently broadcast on the Los Angeles local news channel, KCAL 9. “Fucking burn this motherfucker!” another cop could be heard exclaiming.

I’ve not heard one report on mainstream media that challenged police seriously on their absurd claim. How about you?

Had police simply said, Dorner had just murdered one cop and injured another so we determined it was a danger to simply wait him out so we burned the cabin down I think most would have understood that decision even if they didn’t agree with it.