10-year-old murders his Nazi father, faces sentencing


Natasha Vargas-Cooper covers this unsettling story in depth. After years of abuse, a 10-year-old boy shot his Nazi father in the head with a .357 and will probably be sentenced to prison or a locked mental ward until he is 23. (FYI: Natasha is journalist Marc Cooper’s daughter who, judging from his Facebook posts is one proud dad.)

Dispatcher: 911 emergency”¦

Krista McCary: My son shot my husband, I need an ambulance, he’s bleeding! [Loud sobbing in the background. Young girl’s voice says, “Daddy!”]
Dispatcher: How old is your son?
Krista: [Gasps] Ten.
Dispatcher: How old is your son?
Krista: Ten! Oh god!

As to the 23 investigations of the Hall family conducted by CPS, Soccio says, “Joseph didn’t fall through the cracks; there was no crack that fit Joseph.”