re-launches. Watching the media watching the news

Welcome back Media Channel! They went through some rough times, lost their domain name, got it back, and their new site is filled with quality analysis of the media. is a non-commercial and not-for-profit network of media analysis presented in the public interest.

MediaChannel is focused on the political, cultural, and social impacts of the media, large and small. MediaChannel exists to provide information from diverse perspectives that inspire debate, collaboration, action, and citizen engagement that facilitates a responsible media.

More than ever before, we are living in a media age and a media world. Making sense of the vast stream of information requires background, context, and interpretation. Nine transnational conglomerates dominate the global media and multi-billion dollar deals are concentrating this power even further. Yet, we are also experiencing a technological revolution that empowers independent media, worldwide communication, and innovative media projects that serve everything from community development to political action.

In the current climate, we all need to be aware about how the media operates. The vitality of our political and cultural discourse depends on a free and diverse media that offers access to everyone. Journalists and media professionals, organizations and activists, scholars and citizens, all need reliable information and MediaChannel has been created to help meet this need.

We aspire to offer global commentary and analysis through connections with colleagues worldwide. If you write about or investigate media practices, let us know. We are building a network of affiliates to help develop an internationally-oriented media and democracy movement. Please join us.