Snow plow gets stuck in Connecticut snow

Snow plow stuck, tire spun off. Credit:

Snow plow stuck, tire spun off. Credit:

Up to three feet of snow fell in Connecticut. A snow plow spun its wheels so hard trying to get unstuck that a rear tire came off and a repair crew got stuck trying to respond.

The Hartford Courant has photos and news on this huge storm, which dumped wet, soggy “mashed potatoes” snow in some areas. Several photos show drivers who ignored warnings and got stuck, one on an off-ramp with a line of snow plows behind it who were thus blocked from getting to their destinations and plowing. Driving is still banned in several New England states, ordered by the governors, which is highly unusual.

My sister in Connecticut says, three feet of snow with drifts up to five feet. Rain on Monday, and that is roof collapse condition.

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