Ron Paul lacks compassion, humanity, and common sense

The problem with ideologues is they too often put their political views before everything else, as witness this remarkably tactless and stupid comment from Ron Paul.

I’m not even sure what Paul’s point is. Chris Kyle was trying to help a vet who has PTSD. The vet apparently murdered him, either because he flipped out or maybe because he wanted Kyle’s truck. Kyle was a sniper so Ron Paul appears to be saying that since Kyle lived by the sword he somehow deserved to die violently, which makes no sense, as well as being a heartless statement that is devoid of empathy. But then, ideologues rarely have empathy.

Ron Paul: You’re A Pig, says Karl Denninger, co-founder of the original Tea Party

Sometimes, when you’re trying to help a wounded tiger, it eats you. You do what you can do avoid that from occurring, but sometimes it happens. I am certainly not qualified to judge the quality of the relationship between Chris and the man who shot him; I knew neither individual at all.

But this much I do know: Dancing on a man’s grave to score anti-war political points is bull****.

It’s no more right to do this than it is to dance on the dead bodies of children following a school shooting, and using either as a political talking point is dead flat ****ing wrong.