Scary nightmare – people happily gather to watch advertisements

Donkey Mountain is still trembling from his nightmare about a Bizarro World where people join together freely to watch advertisements, thinking what wonderful chaps the advertisers must be.

I dreamed I was in this alternate world where people actually chose to get together and watch commercials. In a normal world, a rational world, a world populated by semi-intelligent beings like dolphins or orangutans, nobody would actually want to watch commercials, right? They would turn them off, right? They would ignore them. They would recognize them as nothing more than the modern day equivalent of nineteenth century snake oil salesmen, who were often tarred and feathered and run out of town on rails. But get this. In this ludicrous universe, people didn’t do that. They allowed the snake oil salesmen right into their homes, laughed at their jokes, and thought they were all around swell folks.