White and scary. Was Mark Hasse killed by Aryan Brotherhood?

Mark Hasse

The Field Negro ponders speculation Assistant Attorney General Mark Hasse of Kaufman County, Texas was murdered by the Ayran Brotherhood.

Oh lawd! Please tell me that the race war isn’t here already. I honestly wasn’t ready for this. At least give a brotha a chance to get his papers right so that he can head back down to the Islands. You Aryans are no joke. Note to self: Stay close to well populated urban areas with a large minority population.

When you (allegedly) start gunning down officers of the court, we might just have a problem.

There’s no evidence linking his murder to the AB, but he apparently had been investigating them. This was a professional hit, so presumably an organization ordered it. Hasse told friends he’d been threatened although he didn’t know by who, was carrying a gun and varying his daily routine. But a gun only helps if a) you see the attackers coming and b) have time to react.