ICE freeing sex slaves through data mining

ICE  no sex trafficking

Bravo. ICE is using big data to ferret out and arrest those engaging in sex slaves trafficking as well as locating victims. This highlights how data mining can be used for good purposes and not just for surveillance. There are huge amounts of data on all of us out there. With the proper tools and access, links between data points can be found, patterns distinguished, which can lead to sex slave traffickers getting arrested.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is freeing sex slaves partly through software that identifies their geographic locations by synching financial transactions, phone records and other discordant data, ICE officials said on Wednesday.

Because these maggots really needed to be arrested.

[one operation] lured young women from Mexico and Central America to the United States with promises of jobs and a better life, and then forced them into prostitution. The traffickers traded them like cars. A woman would spend a week with a particular trafficker in Georgia, work that town and travel through the trade circuit from handler to handler at a pay rate of $30 dollars for 30 customers per day

I’ve certainly bashed ICE for some of their tactics. However, they are committed, well-organized, and relentless about tracking down sex slave traffickers and that’s a good thing indeed.