3D printing planned for houses, raw meat

The 3D printing revolution is coming on fast in all areas, including printing buildings and yes, raw meat. This may seem fantastical and science fiction. It’s not. These things are happening now and we’re just at the infancy of 3D printing.


Dutch architect to build “endless” house with 3D printer

Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars (39) from Universe Architecture in Amsterdam designed a one-piece building which will be built on a 3D printer. He hopes the so-called Landscape House can be printed out by 2014.


US startup plans to 3D print raw meat


To bioengineer meat, the scientists first get stem cells or other specialised cells from an animal.

Stem cells are cells able to replicate themselves many times, and also can turn into other specialised cells. Once the cells multiplied to sufficient numbers, they are put into a bio-cartridge.