5 year old girl with Hello Kitty Bubble Gun accused of terrorism

The new apparent weapon of choice for 5 year old terrorists

The new apparent weapon of choice for 5 year old terrorists

Deranged school officials in Pennsylvania suspended a 5 year old girl for being a “terrorist threat” after she threatened to shoot herself and a friend with a Hello Kitty Bubble Gun she didn’t even have on her.

The alleged educators responsible for this are simultaneously clueless, nasty, and incompetent. In a sane educational system they would have never been allowed to assume positions of authority or would have been removed immediately after their display of ignorance. A five year old has no idea what terrorism is. When I was a kid we played cops and robbers and went “bang bang, you’re dead” hundreds of times with no apparent ill effect.  Furthermore, a Hello Kitty Bubble Gun is in fact not capable of inflicting damage, which is something even the dimmest school administrator should be able to grasp, but apparently not in this case.

Not only are our schools becoming pointlessly militarized, there appears to be a concerted effort to dumb down both the administration and students, no doubt in hopes of breeding obedient, passive, drones for the 1%.

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