$670 million Littoral combat ship not expected to survive combat

Credit: US Navy

Credit: US Navy

The war pigs have built themselves a fine, new, rootin’, tootin’ class of fighting ships called the Littoral Combat Ship for a mere $670 million each. Tragically though, there are a few small glitches. The guns don’t fire right and it is “not expected to be survivable” in combat. Let me repeat that. $670 million and it won’t survive in combat. Apparently everyone must have been so busy shoveling money to themselves they didn’t bother to test the ship properly. Oh, that…

All you grannies out there stocking up on cat food due to impending Social Security cuts should be darned proud your sacrifice is paying for this overly priced piece of pork barrel junk. After all, the US must be eternally vigilant against evildoers, even if the guns don’t shoot straight.

Is it just me or is our government now so corrupt and compromised that it no longer even pretends not to be?

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