Oxycontin Blues

Steve Earle was addicted to heroin and cocaine for a while. Many years ago, I was addicted to meth. His ‘Oxycontin Blues’ tells the unvarnished truth. If you’re addicted to something, get help and get clean because that monkey on your back will take you down, whether it be meth, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, or Oxycontin.

Well I never cared much for whiskey
‘Cause it only made daddy mean
Wrapped a little bit tight they tell me
For the methamphetamine
Then my cousin come up from Knoxville
And he taught me a thing or two
Now I’m headed nowhere but downhill
With the oxycontin blues


OxyContin Blues is a moving, sometimes humorous look inside an actor’s struggle with prescription pill addiction. This film, the first ever made about OxyContin, shows the raw and real consequences of addiction, as the actor (forced to quit cold turkey) struggles through the horrific and painful withdrawals of opiate detox. After an OxyContin overdose, the actor is kidnapped by his old friend and taken to a remote seaside cabin where he is tied down and forced through a brutal detox.