Matternet – delivery systems using networks of unmanned aerial vehicles


We take it for granted today that you can put data out on the Internet and it will sort of magically move to anywhere else on the planet. What if there were a Matternet that could do the same thing with physical objects? Sounds like FedEx, perhaps, but what if this worked even where there were no roads?

John Robb is discussing the same idea but with an open source platform. He calls it DroneNet.

Here’s a simplified version of what I’m talking about:

I put package onto a landing pad at my home.
Drone arrives, takes package and flies away.
Drone delivers package to landing pad at delivery location.

There’s almost nothing technically in the way of this happening right now.

Drones could be used to deliver medicine, data on thumb drives, documents, whatever…


  1. Another way of making people redundant and superfluous to the requirements of the corporate world, while increasing profit margins. However a better use of drones than killing and maiming innocent people.
    ann arky

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