CNet downloader installs malware without permission

I just used the once-reliable CNet to download software from their site. They suggested using their Cnet downloader, which I did. Just as I clicked Yes to download, I saw a tiny message saying it would install a search plugin called Wajam. It was too late to say No. It locked up Firefox trying to install Wajam. I deinstalled Wajam from Add / Remove programs.

It got much worse. After deinstalling Wajam, a message appeared when I started Chrome saying Coupon Companion had been installed. I did not authorize that. Searching CNet forums finds many complaints about this stealth install of malware which spews ads everywhere, all of which have been ignored by CNet. I deinstalled Coupon Companion too. Get this, during the deinstall it had a box checked saying it would install a DNS tool. That’s right, a deinstall program was trying to install yet another piece of presumed malware, which has to be a new low in sleaze. Hey, fuck you Coupon Companion and fuck you CNet.

CNet used to be solid and reliable. However, based upon their slimy, unethical new behavior, I’ve deleted my CNet iPhone app and will stop going to their website. I suggest you do the same. Never can tell what diseases you might catch in unsafe areas.

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