Operation Fast and Furious gun found after drug cartel shootout


The ATF is linked to two guns found after a drug cartel gunfight in Sinaloa, Mexico. One disappeared during Operation Fast and Furious; the other was bought by a supervisor of the operation.

The supervisor had no comment which is not surprising since Senators have called for an investigation. The Sinaloa gun was recovered after a gun fight where Maria Susana Flores Gamez, Miss Sinaloa Woman, was killed. She was shooting at the police after they tracked drug cartel members to a safe house and a shootout started. She was travelling with the cartel members died with a gun in her hand. Being the girlfriend of a cartel leader may have turned out to be a bit more exciting than she’d planned.

Over 2,000 guns were allowed to pass into the hands of the drug cartels by ATF who says they were trying to track them. At the very least, Operation Fast and Furious was botched to the point of Keystone Cops-like incompetence. At worst, it was outright corruption.

And lest you think that those who become corrupted somehow must be from the wrong side of the tracks and surely could never supposed upstanding citizens, ponder this:

Marco Antonio Delgado, a former Carnegie Mellon University trustee and prominent El Paso lawyer, has been charged in federal court with conspiring to launder $600 million for drug cartels.