Black Oak Arkansas – Jim Dandy

From an interview by The Nervous Breakbrown with Jim Dandy this year.

David Lee Roth gives you lots of credit for inspiring his stage show.

He always gave me credit. He didn’t steal anything from me. It ain’t about us. I think we take ourselves too seriously sometimes.

John Lennon?

Lennon put his hand on my shoulder one time and said, “Hey, can we talk in private?” He told me I was ahead of my time. Not so much in music, but in my words. They interrogated me once after Lennon was shot because of some of the things I said in Chicago. Seven and a half hours in a little room with no water. Told me if I didn’t quit talkin’ between songs I might not be alive. I just tried to do like Ray Charles said and stay country dumb. But I’m a natural born agitator–live and die.

Natural Born Agitator would make a great record title.

Waylon used to tell me, “They don’t know what to think about you, hoss. Keep it that way.” I guess our stupid enthusiasm was contagious — longhaired country boys, smoking weed and talkin’ ’bout karma”¦.