23andMe. Learn your genetic ancestry for $99


23andMe provides comprehensive genetic testing from spit for just $99. James Altucher writes for TechCrunch about what his 23andMe results showed.

My father’s ancestry is either Bedouin or an Ashkenazi Jew.

Oh, this is cool! 2.5 percent of my genome comes from Neanderthals.

My mother’s ancestry surprised me. She is all northern Europe… SUSAN SARANDON IS A DISTANT RELATIVE through her side of the family!

I’m looking at this in realtime as I write this. They give me three warnings before they let me see the Alzheimer’s information. Okay, okay, I get it. Most people are wimps and are afraid to find out.

Oh no. Apparently between the ages of 50 and 79 I have a 14.2 out of 100 chance of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s as opposed to a normal 7.2 out of 100

Finally, I am genetically disposed to have a higher sensitivity to detecting the smell of asparagus in my urine after eating asparagus. This is true. Thank you 23andMe and God Bless You All.