Did Adam Lanza methodically plan the Newtown Massacre?


Asperger Syndrome may have played a part in Adam Lanza and the Newtown Massacre but perhaps not in the way some might think.

People with Aspergers have tremendous focus and can zero in on a topic to the exclusion of everything else, sometimes for weeks or months. A friend with an 8 yo son who has Aspergers said “it’s great when he focuses on American history but so not good when he gets obsessed with video games.”

So maybe Lanza had been planning the massacre for months? He didn’t talk much so nobody except his mother knew much about what he was thinking. Maybe she didn’t even know much. So, instead of the scenario that a mentally unbalanced person snapped, maybe this was stone cold calculated and well-planned.

Damn, it has been like Adam Lanza just dropped out of nowhere, no records or “social networking” footprints have been found. (I still think it is all too strange, the silence”¦and the attitude of the various “authorities.” Something still feels fishy to me!)

Was the Sandy Hook Massacre a failed rebellion?

Rage massacres are committed by self-identified rebels seriously disenchanted by some aspect of American life who are lacking both support and a viable plan for change. As Rechenwald and Ames point out, they are not psychotic because they have a clear rationale and a clear set of targets for their rage, which is largely reality based. Schools are often a target because, as Rechenwald points out, this is where Americans are fed most of the crap ideology that induces them to buy into a political and economic system that exploits and oppresses them.