Jetson Greene sustainable homes blog in new hands

Jetson Greene
Preston Koerner at Jetson Greene, the indispensable source for all things about sustainable homes, has sold the blog to better focus on his family and career as a lawyer. We wish him well and are quite sure he’s left Jetson Greene in capable hands. His knowledge and enthusiasm about green building has inspired many, including me.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your readership over the years.

I’ve come to know many readers and companies, and it’s been an absolute blast. This site started as an MBA project, and I guess I never saw myself becoming a publisher like this. With pursuits during the day as a transactional attorney and a growing site, in the last couple years I took on a pace that was completely unsustainable.

While I will not be with you here at Jetson Green, I’ll always be with you in my passion for green homes, sustainable prefab, natural materials, and green technology

Preston Koerner