Madness in the air in DC, says David Gergen

David Gergen eloquently expresses what many of us have been thinking, that our country is going off the deep end and our supposed leaders appear incapable of governing. Our Congress may be  the most incompetent and mindlessly partisan ever. Obama isn’t much better. They have accomplished little even as the country faces serious problems on the economy, debt, jobs, and the budget. Elected officials who possess actual competence would have been working towards a budget deal for months. Instead, as always, they wait until the last moment to begin negotiations. Their attitude towards the public is contemptuous. But now it seems they can’t govern at all.

What in the world is gripping Washington? Everywhere one turns — from finances to guns to nominations — there is madness in the air.

No one can be confident that our national leaders are still capable of governing responsibly. And in the process, they are putting both our economy and our international reputation at risk.

From such things revolutions are born, and sometimes revolutions succeed without a shot being fired.