Let’s have mealworm burgers and some spider fries!

beetle larvae
See you at McDonalds soon!

Researchers in Netherlands say we can cut down on the environmental problems that come from raising cattle, which include climate change and using scarce resources, by making our burgers out of mealworms AKA beetle larvae. Far less land, water, and food would be needed to raise our squirmy little grub buddies, and if we all had mealworm burgers rather than cow burgers, this would certainly do a favor to the planet.

No word yet on what a grub burger tastes like. You can try it first and let me know. Yes, I’m a fussy eater.

Ok, I made up the bit about spider fries (I hope.)

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  1. I used to own “Entertaining With Insects, or The Original Guide to Insect Cookery” by Ronald L Taylor and Barbara J Carter (published in 1976 and bought as a remaindered book for the title alone). It’s available through Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Entertaining-With-Insects-Original-Cookery/dp/0964583801). I never used any of its recipes and it has left me with a different attitude towards pecan pie–they called their version Pecan Surprise Pie–the surprise being that the pecans were replaced with crickets.

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