Newtown. A Methodical Massacre: Horror And Heroics

The Hartford Courant, the paper of record in Connecticut, provides a detailed timeline of the ghastly Newtown massacre. Be warned, this is grim stuff.

Methodical indeed

Two law enforcement sources said the hard drive had been removed from Lanza’s computer and broken in pieces. They said that forensic electronics experts at the FBI will examine the drive in an effort to determine with whom Lanza corresponded electronically and how he otherwise used the device.

Victoria Soto hid her thirteen 6-7 year old students in a closet when she heard gunfire. Six of them tried to run when the shooter entered the classroom and were murdered, as was Soto.

“Finally, they opened that door and there were seven sets of eyes looking at them,” a law enforcement officer familiar with the events said Saturday. “She tried to save her class” he said of Victoria Soto.