Renewable energy – The big picture

CleanTechnica has a comprehensive 2-part series on renewable energy with 53 charts and lots of useful info. Check it out! Among the topics are the quickly dropping prices of wind and solar energy and how Europe is leading the way on renewable energy.

A few tidbits:

Fracking is exempt from the Clean Water Act.

it is worth noting that natural gas prices fell off cliff as certain fracking practices became commonplace, and those only became commonplace once Dick Cheney got a ridiculous policy enacted for the fracking industry on his way out of office (and yep, Cheney was previously CEO of Halliburton, the company probably benefiting the most from this policy). What is the policy? Known as “The Halliburton Loophole,” it’s essentially that fracking fluids are exempt from the Clean Water Act (for no clear reason) and companies engaged in the process don’t even have to disclose what chemicals they are

The US is far behind Europe on installed solar and wind.